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Responsible dog ownership

  • Pet insurance

    Dogs bring us a lot of enjoyment, but there are also times when they can make us worry, especially when they get ill. Veterinary care is improving all the time, with more treatments available than in the past, but these treatments can be expensive and when your dog is ill the last thing you want to think about is money. Pet insurance can bring real peace of mind, taking the worry out of this stressful situation.

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  • Neutering

    Neutering your dog can prevent some serious health problems and provide you with peace of mind. Certain behavioural problems may also be improved by neutering. Discuss the benefits of neutering with your vet as soon as possible.

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  • Walking on a lead

    Teaching your dog to walk properly on a lead is a vital first skill. If your dog is pulling and straining at the lead, it means that you are only controlling him with physical restraint, rather than good training. Not only that but, as he gets older, the physical effort involved in controlling him could be overwhelming for particularly young or old dog-walkers, especially with some of the larger, stronger breeds.

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  • The importance of regular vet check-ups for dogs

    Even if you keep a close eye on your dog's health, an annual visit to the vet for a thorough check up means extra peace of mind. Apart from helping identify any newly emerging problems before they become serious, regular health assessments will give you the chance to keep your dog's vaccinations up-to-date, accurately weigh your dog and find out more about any issues that may be worrying you.

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  • Vaccinations

    Keeping your dog up to date with vaccinations is very important to prevent some life-threatening diseases. It is also a condition of boarding for most reputable kennels and is required if you want to travel abroad with your pet. So make a note on your calendar each year to keep your dog as healthy as possible!

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  • Microchipping your dog

    Pets can go missing for a number of reasons. They can become scared and run off, or become disoriented or distracted in a new environment. Microchipping your dog is a simple and quick procedure. Once it has been done, your details are stored in a microchip database along with your dog’s details. This gives your dog the best chance of being identified and returned safely and quickly to you if she gets lost or stolen.

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  • What to do if your dog goes missing

    It is very upsetting and stressful to lose your dog. To give you the greatest chance of finding your dog should he or she go astray, act fast - and don't panic!

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  • Keeping you and your dog healthy

    Animals play an important role in many people’s lives and our pets can be considered as valued companions in more ways than one. They can improve our emotional wellbeing, reduce feelings of loneliness, encourage exercise and outdoor activities and create opportunities for social interactions with other people. But did you know that sometimes pets can pose a risk to our health and well-being, especially if we ignore some simple, everyday guidelines?

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