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How diet can make a difference

None of us like to think of our dogs getting older, after all they’re a huge part of the family.  But it’s important to remember that signs of ageing are not always readily visible.  As dogs enter their senior years internal changes start to take place and their metabolism begins to slow down.

There’s no exact age when dogs become seniors.  Just like people it tends to be more of a gradual change.  There is a wide breed variation in what constitutes older age as generally speaking, small dogs live the longest, while large and giant breeds have relatively short lifespans. A dog will become a senior between 5 and 9 years old, depending on its breed size.

There's no reason why the later years in a dog’s life shouldn't be some of the most rewarding, even if your dog may be slowing down a little. With regular veterinary attention, daily care and proper nutrition, your dog can still experience a very happy, healthy life.

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