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Pet Food Regulation

Does your pet food exceed industry standards?

We are proud to say that we own and run the factory in which our food is made. This means that we take full responsibility in ensuring that Beyond® is produced in line with over 50 pieces of legislation which cover the production of pet food. We also follow good practice guidance issued by the European Pet Food Industry association (FEDIAF) to ensure that we meet, and where possible exceed, the high pet food standards you expect.


Which industry bodies look after the
interests of the pet food industry?

Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA)

We are proud of our membership in this principal trade body that represents the UK pet food industry. The PFMA has over 70 member companies accounting for over 90% of the UK market and strives to create a balanced regulatory environment for the production of safe and nutritious food.

PFMA logo

The European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF)

FEDIAF represents the pet food industry in 26 European countries.


Not only do we comply with the expectations of the regulatory bodies, but through the sheer wealth of knowledge of our nutritionists, quality assurance analysts and research staff, we aspire to go beyond pet food regulation standards. For instance, we know that exceeding minimum standards for some nutrients can be beneficial to pets. Therefore whilst the minimum protein requirement in a maintenance dry pet food is 18% for adult dogs, Beyond® maintains a minimum of 25%. This is just one way in which we seek to go above and beyond by complying with, and surpassing, industry standards.

As a product specialist, my role is to select the right ingredients, develop the recipe, work closely with the factory for processing the product and of course make sure it is nutritionally complete and that pets will eat and enjoy it. I have studied food science at Bordeaux University and I have always been fascinated by pets and cooking. In the development of Beyond® products, I worked closely with an Ingredients specialist, Nutritionist and a Factory and Quality specialist in order to develop a high quality, super premium product that will be enjoyed by pets.

I am proud to work for a company that really cares about the quality of their products and the pets that consume them.
Anne Sophie - Product Specialist