Ages and Stages | Cat Feeding Guide | FELIX®

Having an adorable kitten around the house is endlessly rewarding. But as your newest family member matures from kitten to adult and from adult to senior, his food needs and behaviour will change. That doesn't mean the fun has to stop of course! But it's important to be aware of what's going on at each stage in your cats life. Visit us at to find out all about how best to look after your pets throughout their lives and help them stay healthy, happy (and mischievous!)..

To find the best food for your clever cat, please click on the appropriate age below.


How old is your Felix?


1-12 months

There’s a whole new world to explore - and a whole range of FELIX kitten food to discover!

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1-7 years

Discover why clever cats want delicious FELIX Adult! View the complete FELIX range.

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7+ years

Reaching maturity doesn’t stop the fun and games. See what delicious food awaits him in the FELIX Senior range!

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