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Share more loveably mischievous moments with your rascal with the many varieties of FELIX® Snacks !

FELIX® Goody Bag

Containing an irresistible colourful mix of meaty treats that are full of enticing aromas, delicious flavours and an appealing texture.

FELIX® Crispies

Irresistibly air-whipped to have a unique light and crispy texture for your cat to enjoy. Surprise him with a tasty, crispy crackly in every bite in exciting combinations of tasty flavours!

FELIX® Twist

Put a twist in treats time with this twisted treat that’s fun and doubly tasty. Every stick has a combination of 2 yummy flavours and is rich in fish for your cat to enjoy.

Select from the irresistible list of options below, or use our Product Selector to help you decide – either way, your clever cat will be delighted!

 FELIX® Twists FELIX® Snacks and Treats - Crispies Goody Bag™ Treats

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