GOURMET® Solitaire

Premium Mini Fillets with Chicken in Sauce

GOURMET® Solitaire turns every meal into a truly sensation taste experience. Tender mini fillets in gravy create a succulent dish that promises a feast for the senses with every mouthful. Each flavoursome mini fillet is made with chicken, and slowly cooked in a savoury sauce that will tempt even highly demanding cats. Each nutritionally complete and balanced meal means your cat's health is as cared for as their taste buds. And as each dish is presented in its own 85g can, every time you serve GOURMET® Solitaire taste just as delicious as before.

Enjoy prime choice morsels with meat or fish, slowly cooked in a succulent rich and thick sauce to enhance all their intense and refined flavours. There is no greater joy for a connoisseur than to discover something exceeding all expectations.

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* Winner Cat Food Category Survey of 11,637 people in UK & ROI by TNS

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Product information


This is a complete and balanced pet food for adult cats (aged 1 to 7).


Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken min 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, various sugars.

Analytical Constituents

Moisture 75%, Protein 14%, Fat content 3.5%, Crude ash 2.5%, Crude fibres 0.5%

Nutritional Additives

IU/kg: Vit A:1890; Vit D3:295; mg/kg: Fe(E1):13; I(E2): 0.3; Cu (E4):1.1; Mn(E5):2.5; Zn(E6):13.

Feeding Guide

For an adult cat of 4 kg, 2 to 3 cans/day in separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available. Serve at room temperature.

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