Gourmet® Soup

GOURMET® Soup Tuna and Shrimp

Spoil their senses with GOURMET® Soup for cats With Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish. Our delicate ingredients of Tuna, Shrimp and flavoursome whitefish combined with our refined broth for cats will tempt their taste buds no matter how sophisticated their palates. Treat your cat to the ultimate dining experience with every meal. Our decadent Soup recipe includes the delicious taste of Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish, carefully cooked to the highest standards for a taste and texture your cat will love. Each soup comes in a 40g pouch so each serving is delectable and fresh giving a different and surprising texture for the palate.

The range of GOURMET® soup for cats is a delightful idea to add to your cat menu, giving a different and surprising texture for the palate. Treat your cat to a taste sensation with our GOURMET® soup for cats, full of nutritional goodness to help care and support your feline every day.

Delicate broth made with natural tuna, garnished with shrimp
Fish and fish derivatives (of which natural tuna loins 20%), molluscs and crustaceans (shrimps 4%), derivatives of vegetable origin.
Moisture: 88.0% Protein: 9.0% Fat content: 0.10% Crude ash: 1.0% Crude fibre: 0.01%

Serving Suggestion: Shake the bag gently to mix the content. Pull the strip on the top to open the pouch. For a 4-kg cat, pour in a bowl and serve one pouch as a complement to other complete products from PURINA. Please respect the feeding guide for your cat’s health. Serve at room temperature. Always provide clean and fresh water. This product is a complementary meal with a high level of moisture: part of your cat’s daily water recommended intake will be supplied trough the consumption of this product.