PRO PLAN® Excellent Nutrition for Long-term Health

PRO PLAN® provides excellent nutrition with scientifically proven benefits for cats.
PRO PLAN® is excellent nutrition for your cat because the basis of every recipe is a complete and balanced blend of all essential nutrients for good health. PRO PLAN® is made from carefully selected, top quality and easily digestible ingredients.
PRO PLAN® diets are scientifically designed to make a difference to cat’s long-term health. Our team of 350 vets and nutritionists has proven that specific combinations of ingredients can make a difference to cats’ long-term health. These combinations of ingredients - like OPTIRENAL® - put PRO PLAN® at the leading-edge of feline nutrition.
Discover more about OPTISTART®, OPTIRENAL® and LONGEVIS®

PRO PLAN is proven to support key vital systems with LONGEVIS® Contains LONGEVIS®, a unique blend of nutrients including antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a prebiotic, PROVEN* to extend the healthy lifespan and improve quality of life of cats aged 7 years and above.

*Study conducted with 90 cats aged between 7 and 17 years. Findings based on cats fed exclusively on the diet enriched with LONGEVIS versus cats fed a controlled diet. European Patent EP1637041B1.

LONGEVIS is available in PRO PLAN ADULT 7+ a leading edge diet which supports key vital functions in cats over 7 years old.

PRO PLAN is proven to promote kidney health with OPTIRENAL®

OPTIRENAL® is a unique formulation to promote healthy kidneys. OPTIRENAL® is a scientifically designed combination of ingredients including amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

OPTIRENAL is available in a range of PRO PLAN products tailored to the specific requirements of adult cats, neutered cats, sensitive cats and indoor cats:

ADULT – excellent all-round nutrition for the healthy maintenance of adult cats

STERILISED - a high protein, low fat diet for neutered cats. Urinary pH balanced.

DELICATE – a specialised recipe for adult cats with sensitive digestion or fussy appetites

HOUSECAT - For the healthy maintenance of indoor adult cats due to adapted calorie levels and hairball control recipe

For kittens

PRO PLAN is proven to help support natural defenses with OPTISTART®

OPTISTART is proven to help support kittens’ intestinal health and help reduce risk of upsets - due to extracts from milk which help balance the intestinal flora and support intestinal defenses.

OPTISTART is available in PRO PLAN JUNIOR a complete and balanced food which supports the healthy development of kittens from 6 weeks to 1 year.