How to Improve your Cat's Digestion

Good digestion is one of the keys to excellent health. By digesting and absorbing goodness in food, cats take in all the nutrients they need to keep in tip top condition...

Feline Dietary Issues: What you need to know

From kitten food to adult and mature cats, it’s important that at every stage of life your pet is fed correctly - according to its needs.

Cat treats

Treats! The very word conjures up a guilty pleasure, so how on earth can you treat responsibly? The whole point about treating is that it constitutes a reward for something, but this doesn’t mean it should always be an indulgent food choice...


When it comes to cat food products, the abundance of choice can be dazzling.

Special cat's diets

Every cat is unique and some have special dietary requirements, either because they have a medical condition which can be helped by changing their diet, or because their lifestyle or specific metabolism necessitates a particular blend of nutrients will help them maintain optimal health.

Harrmful substances and foods for cats

There are many food and non-food substances, including plants, which can be potentially poisonous for your cat. Household items, cleaning products and human medicines can be potentially lethal if ingested by your cat, so it’s very important to make sure your home is cat-friendly, thereby minimising the risks for your cat.