A practical guide for the new cat owner

So you’ve made the big decision to welcome a cat into your home and it’s an exciting time! However, whether you’re a novice pet parent or an experienced feline caregiver it’s important to make sure that you choose the right cat for you.

Kitten & Cat Introductions

Now that you’ve committed to welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home, it’s important to consider how best to facilitate introductions with other family pets. This will help to ease the stress levels for both the newcomer, as well as your more established family members.

Kitten New Home Preparation

So the day has finally arrived & you’re ready to welcome a little bundle of fluff and mischief into your home. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for both you and your kitten if you’re not fully prepared. This article will give you some top tips to help make sure your kitten settles happily into their new home with both you and your family.

Helping Your Kitten Grow Up Healthily

The arrival of a kitten in your life can be a joyful moment. You want to be sure that you’re doing everything that you can for her long-term here are some useful tips on how to raise a kitten which can help you both in your new life together.

Kitten Tooth Loss

When they wereasborn, your kitten would not have had any visible teeth. As in humans, teeth are not essential at the start of life, when the mother’s milk is the only source of energy and nutrients and suckling is the best way to get fed.

Getting your Cat Microchipped

Microchipping is a safe and permanent method of identifying animals- and greatly increases the chance of reuniting lost or stolen cats with their owners. Traditional collars and tags can easily come off or even potentially put cats at risk of injury.

What to Ask your Vet at the Clinic

Whether it be an emergency call, or a regular check-up, it’s important to be ready to ask your vet questions which you want answering about your pets and their health. Having your questions answered helps allay your concerns you might have about your pet, and also will ensure you can take the best care of your cat.

Tips for caring for kittens

Just like having a new baby or young child in the house, taking care of a new kitten in a previously cat free home necessitates making some changes to ensure your kitten’s safety.

Grooming your kitten

Cats are extremely hygienic creatures in their own right and are well known for taking care of their own grooming. Cats’ rough tongues are like brushes, getting rid of dirt and spreading essential oils across their hair.

How to choose a vet

Keeping your cat healthy is vital to give it the best quality and quantity of life - and your vet will play a central role not only in treating it when your cat is ill but also advising you on the best preventative healthcare measures to keep it in tip top condition.