Cat Hair Loss: What does it mean?

Our feline friends have many unique features, but one that we are often most fond of is their beautiful coat. A soft coat encourages stroking, and can help bring an owner and their cat closer together. So, when you notice hair loss in your pet (otherwise known as feline alopecia), you may naturally be concerned.

How To Tell If Your Cat Has An Allergy

All cats occasionally scratch and bite at their skin. Excessive and persistent scratching, licking, biting or hair loss however, may be signs that your cat has an allergic skin disease. Just like in people, cats can develop allergic reactions to a variety of agentscat allergies can be caused by a variety of agents.

Cat Mange: The Facts

Cat mange is an infestation with parasites called mites (Sarcoptes or Notoedres) in the cat’s skin. It is unusual in cats, but when it occurs, it can cause intense irritation and pruritus (itchy skin). The ears are often a major site of irritation.

Allergies and skin problems in cats

Skin problems are very common in cats and may be caused by parasites, allergies, bacterial or yeast infections, tumours and systemic illness. Your cat's skin can be pink or black depending on the pigments common to that breed or the individual genetic history.

Food Allergies in Cats

Food allergies in cats are rare and usually involve a reaction to one protein ingredient in a particular food, which triggers an allergic inflammatory response. This is not to be confused with more common ‘food intolerance’ which is less severe and causes a totally different physiological process.

Hair loss in cats

Feline alopecia (hair loss) is rare in cats but can occasionally occur for a number of reasons, the most common cause is over-grooming (which itself can indicate other problems with the skin or with parasites).

Pregnancy Cats and kittens: how your cat will change during pregnancy

Cats are notoriously proficient breeders. So it can be all too easy for your queen (the official name for an un-spayed cat) to conceive and give birth to a litter of kittens, before you’re even aware that she may be pregnant!