Adult Cat Coat and Hairball

Rich in Chicken and Whole Grains

Purina ONE® Coat and Hairball cat food with Bifensis has been specifically formulated to help your cat effectively maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the formation of hairballs. Your cat’s skin and coat are the first line of protection against the world; that's why our dry cat food has been formulated to meet their needs and support them with complete and balanced nutrition.

Purina ONE® Coat and Hairball cat food provides appropriate levels of key nutrients, including high-quality protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It also helps minimise the formation of hairballs due to its high fibre content and a special combination of fibres including cellulose.

Thanks to the use of high quality ingredients, this dry cat food is highly digestible. A balance of minerals also helps promote a healthy urinary tract, while high quality protein and key nutrient levels help limit excessive shedding. To support your cat's needs whilst helping to reduce the risk of hairball formation, try Purina ONE® Coat and Hairball cat food with Bifensis today.

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