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  • Budgeting for a kitten

    Budgeting for a kitten

    Although usually less expensive than dogs, cats do still demand a monthly budget, as well as the initial cost when adopting a kitten.

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  • How to choose a healthy kitten

    How to choose a healthy kitten

    So you’ve decided to adopt a kitten - great news. But before you visit the shelter, here are some tips to help make sure the kitten you choose is a healthy one.

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  • The Maine Coon

    The Maine Coon

    Dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ of cat breeds, it is no accident that this fascinating and beautiful family cat features as the Purina ONE® emblem.

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  • 5 Great tips to care for your cat’s gut

    5 Great tips to care for your cat’s gut

    Below are 5 simple and effective tips to help you care for the health of your cat’s intestine.

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  • Cats with bad breath

    Cats with bad breath

    It isn’t uncommon for cats to develop bad breath. In fact, eight out of ten cats over the age of three have some form of gum or tooth condition, both of which can cause the problem.

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  • Cats with tapeworms

    Cats with tapeworms

    Tapeworms are parasites that commonly settle in cats’ bowels. They reproduce by attaching themselves to the gut and breaking into a series of segments containing eggs, which are then passed out with the faeces.

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