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  • Budgeting for a kitten

    Budgeting for a kitten

    Although usually less expensive than dogs, cats do still demand a monthly budget, as well as the initial cost when adopting a kitten.

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  • How to choose a healthy kitten

    How to choose a healthy kitten

    So you’ve decided to adopt a kitten - great news. But before you visit the shelter, here are some tips to help make sure the kitten you choose is a healthy one.

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  • The Maine Coon

    The Maine Coon

    Dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ of cat breeds, it is no accident that this fascinating and beautiful family cat features as the Purina ONE® emblem.

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  • 5 Great tips to care for your cat’s gut

    5 Great tips to care for your cat’s gut

    Below are 5 simple and effective tips to help you care for the health of your cat’s intestine.

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  • Cleaning cats’ teeth

    Cleaning cats’ teeth

    Cats’ teeth may not be like ours, but they still require care and attention in order to help keep them healthy. Just like human teeth, cats’ teeth accumulate plaque over time. If this is left unmonitored, this will harden to form tartar. Over time a build-up of tartar can lead to more serious dental conditions such as gingivitis, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. This is why cleaning cats’ teeth regularly is so important.

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  • Cost of neutering a cat

    Cost of neutering a cat

    Most species of cat reach sexual maturity at around four months of age, although this does differ from breed to breed. Once your cat has reached puberty, they are able to mate and produce offspring. Neutering/spaying is the process of removing the male/female reproductive organs to ensure that unwanted pregnancies do not happen. Neutering removes the testes in males and spaying removes the ovaries and the womb in females.

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