Can you 'speak' cat?

  1. 1The purr of your cat is caused by:

  2. 2In the presence of guests, if your cat is lying on her side in front of everyone she is:

  3. 3Your cat encounters an unknown cat and after an exchange of looks, she suddenly licks her shoulder. Why?

  4. 4Your cat smells an object, and then a few seconds later slightly opens her mouth with a distant look. Why?

  5. 5You look directly into your cat’s eyes and she blinks, slowly. This is a sign of:

  6. 6Your cat bites your hand while you were trying to caress her. Why?

  7. 7Your cat rubs against your legs, because:

  8. 8You come home and your cat approaches you with her tail erect and quivering. Why?