Test your cat Knowledge: Food

Think you know all there is to know about feeding your cat? Test our cat food test and see if you’re up to scratch.

Test your cat Knowledge: Food

  1. 1How many specific nutrients does a cat need from her food alone?

  2. 2Which animal needs the most protein in its diet (in % of the daily diet)?

  3. 3How often can you give an adult cat cow’s milk?

  4. 4Making sure your cat has constant access to water is vital. How much water does she need to lose to suffer possibly fatal dehydration?

  5. 5Which of the following is not toxic to cats ?

  6. 6What is the most effective way to test your cat for food allergies?

  7. 7At what age should a kitten switch to adult food ?

  8. 8Do senior cats need different pet food to adult cats?