Give your cat the best of both worlds

We all know the importance of nutrients and ingredients in pet food, and the role they play towards health and well-being. Which is why the experts at PURINA® now bring you PURINA ONE® Dual NatureTM, which contains Spirulina. It is an exciting combination of dry, crunchy kibbles and soft, tender kibbles, to provide your cat with a meal helps support their health as well as enjoyable:

Helping them to stay healthy – thanks to nutritious, natural Spirulina which helps support their immune system.

Enjoyable – thanks to dual-texture kibbles.

Needless to add, these dual-texture kibbles do not contain any added artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives.

In fact, Purina ONE Dual NatureTM is rich in chicken or salmon content, to ensure a good intake of high quality protein in every meal.

With Purina ONE Dual NatureTM, cats can get what they want while cat owners can give them the nutrition they need.