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Purina ONE Dry / Coat & Hairball


Coat & Hairball

The skin and coat are the first line of protection for your cat’s body, and play an important role in helping to keep her in a healthy condition. Purina ONE® Coat & Hairball is specially formulated to effectively maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat for your cat, while helping to reduce the formation of hairballs.

Proven to maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat

Contains a specific level of high-quality protein, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, key nutrients to maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Minimise hairball formation

High in fibre* with a special combination of fibres from cellulose and other ingredients to help reduce hairball formation.
*Compared to Purina ONE® Adult Recipe

Helps limit excessive shedding

Formulated with key nutrients to help limit excessive shedding.