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Purina ONE Dry / Kitten / Junior



Kittens have a lot of growing up to do very quickly. Their bodies need to build muscle, be strong and have a fully developed immune system - all in just 6 months. Purina ONE Actilea is formulated with yeast, prebiotics and antioxidants to help support your kitten's natural defences.

Brain and Vision development

Contains a natural source of DHA, a functional nutrient found in mother's milk, important for kittens' brain and vision development

Healthy development of muscle mass and skeleton

Healthy development of muscle mass and skeleton promoted by high level of proteins and balanced minerals

Highly Digestible

Highly digestible promoted by high quality ingredients

Complete pet food specifically formulated for the needs of kittens (from weaning to 12 months) and pregnant and lactating queens.

Kittens need correct nutrition for their rapid growth and high energy levels. Similarly, pregnant and lactating queens have special nutritional requirements for milk production and nursing growing kittens. Purina ONE Kitten/Junior, with Actilea formula, meets their requirements, helping to support the development of a healthy immune system, promoting optimal growth and is made with smaller kibbles, ideal for a kitten's mouth.


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