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Senior 7+, Rich in Chicken and Whole Grains



Bifensis Junior
  • 24 vitamins and minerals to help support vital functions and protect the body
  • Healthy kidneys thanks to vitamins E&C
  • Healthy bones and good mobility promoted by minerals, vitamin D and a lean body
  • Healthy urinary tract thanks to balanced minerals
  • Oral care for gums and teeth provided by essential nutrients and crunchy morsels

It’s important to look after your cat into their old age, giving special attention to their natural defences, kidney functions and mobility. Purina ONE senior cat food with chicken and whole grains contains Bifensis. It is specially formulated with vitamins and minerals, helping support vital functions for your mature cat.

Your senior cat will have a slower metabolism than adult cats and kittens. They will also become less active and exercise less, so a reduced-calorie diet is a good option to prevent excessive weight gain. Weight management is important to your senior cat’s health, so help keep them healthy and happy with Purina ONE senior cat food.

We add vitamins E and C to our food for senior cats, helping to support healthy kidneys. Healthy bones and good mobility are promoted by the minerals & vitamin D in our tasty chicken and whole grains. These essential vitamins help support your cat’s health and overall wellbeing as they age. try Purina ONE senior cat food with Bifesis today, and help support their overall health and wellbeing with complete and balanced nutrition.

Available in: 800g and 3kg


3 KG 800 g


Analytical constituents:

Protein: 35.0%
Fat content: 13.5%
Crude ash: 7.5%
Crude fibres: 2.5%
Omega 6 fatty acids: 2.0%

Ingredients list:

Chicken (17%), dried poultry protein, wholegrain wheat (15%), maize, maize gluten meal, soya meal, wheat gluten meal, animal fat, vegetal fibre, dried chicory root, minerals, digest (with added heat treated Lactobacillus Delbrueckii and Fermentum powder 0.025%), yeast.


Vitamin A 33 000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1 000 IU/kg
Vitamin E 670 IU/kg
Vitamin C 140 mg/kg
Taurine 1200 mg/kg


Recommended daily amount (g/day):

From 7 – 11 yrs 11+
CatWeight Quantity Quantity
2 - 4 kg 30 - 55g 35 - 75 g
4 - 6 kg 55-85 g 75-110 g
6 - 8 kg 85-115 g 110-145 g

The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted to weather conditions, the cat’s level of activity and its physical condition. Clean, fresh drinking water should be available at all times.


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  1. 5 out of 5 stars.

    My cats absolute favourite

    My cats will only eat Purina One, or the big blue bag of deliciousness as we call it. I am finding that there is no waste as every single biscuit gets eaten up, we have found that its best to weigh it out for portion control though as they don't know when to stop eating. All three cats have a great coat and their breath is much better now.

    3 people found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
    1. Response from Purinaone-uk:

      All three of your cats look so content and healthy! It's great they enjoy their big blue bag of deliciousness and that you're not left with a single bit of waste. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and feedback.

  2. 4 out of 5 stars.

    Made such a difference!

    We have been buying this product for my 13 year old cat for a while now but it has made such a difference to her. She used to be extremely sick on the old food we used to feed her but she really enjoys Purina especially as she is an extremely fussy cat. She has rarely been sick since we started feeding her Purina only if she has eaten the grass in the garden. I think that her coat is so much softer and her eyes are lovely and bright. Also she was struggling with having unhealthy teeth but after feeding Purina one the problem seems to have sorted itself out. All in all, I think Purina is a fantastic food for any type of can, highly recommended.

    3 people found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
  3. 5 out of 5 stars.

    My cats love these

    I have 2 senior cats aged 11 and 12 , they love the senior biscuits, they have wet food twice a day but prefer their biscuits over the wet food. My cats deserve the best and the best is Purina One, I would definately recommend this product to anyone with senior cats.

    1 person found this review helpful. 1 person did not find this review helpful.
    1. Response from Purinaone-uk:

      Thanks so much for sharing your photos and your wonderful feedback. Both your cats look very happy and healthy and we're so pleased they both enjoy their Purina ONE Senior.

  4. 5 out of 5 stars.

    My three "old boys" regained their enthusiasm!

    My three fourteen year old boys ( two brown Burmese brothers, one "ginger tom" seemed to have lost their enthusiasm for food and I was finding it increasingly difficult to find a product that would perk them up a bit. Purina Senior really did the trick. All three have been tucking in and eating well. They love it! I like it because:- *It smells nice - some dry cat food can overwhelm the kitchen with a strong unpleasant smell *There is no wastage - it all gets eaten up *I trust the Purina brand *I am confident that I am feeding my cats a balanced diet with all the vitamins they need *I now have happy, contented cats with a renewed enthusiasm for fun and life

    1 person found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
  5. 5 out of 5 stars.

    My cat's favourite food

    I feed my cat a combination of wet and dry meals, but it's the Purina One that is her absolute favourite. At breakfast and dinnertimes I'll say "Do you want some kibbles?" and she'll come bounding into the kitchen, no matter where from! She's 10 years old now but her coat is beautifully glossy and she's as bright-eyed as she was when a kitten.

    1 person found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
    1. Response from Purinaone-uk:

      Your cat looks over the moon that it's dinner time! It's wonderful that she's so full of beans and enjoying her Purina ONE so much, she obviously has excellent taste. We're sure she'll continue to enjoy the range for many years to come.

  6. 5 out of 5 stars.

    nothing else come close

    my cats name is storm she is an egyptian mau who will be 12 years old this may,she has been on purina one for the past 6 years and is now one purina one senior ,she was recently at the vet for her annual check up and the vet can believe the condition she is in they honestly thought i had teeth work done to her as her teeth are pearly white ,they said she is the condition of a 5 year old cat ,never any vet visits unless for vaccinations and this is all down to her eating purina one ,she never turns her nose at it and comes running when im filling her bowl.she is in amazing condition ,even my weimaraner dog trys to beat me to her bowl if i havnt lifted it in time lol .

    0 people found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
  7. 5 out of 5 stars.

    The only one she'll eat

    I've tried the various different products for my cat but the Purina One (senior 7+ Chicken and Grain ) is the only she likes and happily eat . So I love the fact that it does get eaten and there is no waste.

    1 person found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
    1. Response from Purinaone-uk:

      Great photo of your cat - she looks very pleased with herself. It's brilliant that she enjoys Purina ONE so much and it must be a relief for you to no longer be wasting any of her food.

  8. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Definitely Improves Vitality

    This is my rescue cat Jo-Jo who's 13 and I've had him 9 yrs today! He has always had difficulty with some heights. He can jump onto the windowsills but not the worktops, and he was never able to climb this post before, until 2 weeks ago after he'd been continuously on Purina ONE for a month. He's not a cat to play with toys but he's been running and jumping with my 2 yr old cat like never before!

    0 people found this review helpful. 0 people did not find this review helpful.
    1. Response from Purinaone-uk:

      It's brilliant news that Jo-Jo has a new lease of life since eating Purina ONE, he must be so proud of finally getting to the top of his post. We hope he continues to enjoy the range in the future - sounds like he'll need all the energy he can get to keep up with your 2 year old cat!

1–8 of 78 Reviews  
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