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Purina ONE Dry / Urinary Care



A cat's urinary system plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining overall health by continuously eliminating toxins from her body. A cat may develop urinary problems during its life time which can result in the need to visit your veterinary expert.

Cats in general – especially as they age – may suffer from a range of urinary problems, including kidney disease, urinary stones and urinary tract inflammation. These problems can make urination difficult for cats, and may result in much discomfort:

  • Feline urinary tract disease may be one of the reasons for visiting your veterinary expert
  • Chronic renal failure is the most common cause of mortality in old cats

With Purina ONE Urinary Care, you can help take care of these functions, as it is specially formulated to help support the health of your cat's urinary system.

Suitable for cats aged 1 to 7.