Our dogs are an important part of Christmas – after all, it wouldn’t be the same without the whole family there. But how can you make them feel like a part of the celebrations when it comes to present-opening time?

Never fear – we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas presents for dogs to help you get started.

Dog-friendly stocking

When you’re unwrapping your Christmas presents, it’s second nature for your dog to want to join in. All that rustling paper, the interesting noises, and the activity will probably be very exciting to your dog. Unfortunately, this may well lead to them becoming overexcited and getting in the way!

Let your dog join in by preparing a dog-friendly stocking for them. Put a couple of presents – for example, a new chew toy and a ball – and open it with them before you begin presents with the rest of the family. (Don’t let your dog try to ‘unwrap’ presents themselves, in case they swallow any paper or small parts.) They can then play with their exciting new toys while the rest of the family unwraps their presents.

You can fill their stocking with a range of Christmas presents for dogs, from delicious chews to squeaky toys. The only limit is your imagination!

Yellow labrador with festive Christmas tree background

Dog-friendly advent calendar

Second on our list of dog Christmas presents is something that they can enjoy every day in December… a dog-friendly advent calendar!

You can buy advent calendars for dogs in many pet shops. They normally contain a small treat which you can give to your dog every day. However, it’s just as fun to make one yourself – and your dog will appreciate an advent calendar filled with nothing but their favourite treats!

There are many ways that you could create a dog advent calendar, but the easiest is to wrap a box in Christmas paper and deposit a number of treats inside. Make sure the box can be tightly closed so the treats don’t go stale! Tie a tag to each treat with the day on it, and take the treat out every morning to give to your dog. Just remember to take the tag off first.

bakers advent

Dog toys

It goes without saying that one of the best Christmas presents for dogs is a new toy or two!

If your dog loves chewing, find a long-lasting chew toy that will keep them satisfied. If your dog can’t get enough of ‘fetch’, try a new gadget that will help you throw the ball farther. The trick is to choose something that you know will suit your dog’s personality, and that you know they will enjoy for months to come!

Around the festive season many pet shops will sell specific Christmas-themed toys for dogs, such as squeaky Christmas puddings or chewable rubber reindeer. Have a look and see what you can find!

Light brown dog with owner in background putting ornaments on tree

New equipment

If you’ve been considering buying any new equipment for your dog, Christmas is the perfect time to do it. Not only are you treating your dog, you’re also benefiting your dog care routine!

From grooming equipment to a new lead, there are plenty of dog Christmas presents that both you and your dog will enjoy. How about a cosy new bed to replace their worn-out one, a new brush for their grooming routine, or a smart new food bowl? You might even be able to use your new equipment right away; why not take your dog for a walk with their new lead, so they can try it out on the big day?

Sweet tan dog with Christmas presents in background

Bakers® treats

Of course, no list of Christmas presents for dogs would be complete without mentioning Bakers® dog treats!

Reward your dog for their good behaviour on the big day with their favourite Bakers® treat, or one they haven’t tried before. From Dental Delicious (perfect for keeping them occupied, thanks to its chewy texture and it’s low in fat too!) to the bacon-flavoured tasty goodness of Sizzlers, there’s something for every dog.

While you’re enjoying Christmas dinner, giving them a treat is a good way to ensure they don’t feel left out – and it might dissuade them for trying to enjoy your dinner, too! Just make sure that all treats you give them count towards their daily food allowance. Even at Christmas, it’s important to ensure that your dog enjoys a balanced and healthy diet.

Brown dog lying on sofa looking at camera


This Christmas, treat your dog to Christmas gift that will help them join in with the fun – it’s easy!

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