Dog Health & Nutrition

Feed his appetite for exploring

Feeding your dog a good quality diet is one of the best ways to help him enjoy a long and happy life, full of fun and adventure.

A quality dry pet food contains the right balance of five major nutrient categories: protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. PURINA® BETA® provides a complete diet of meat, cereals, oils and vegetables, carefully balanced to provide essential nutrients in the right proportions for the age, size and lifestyle of your dog.

This 100% complete and balanced food has nutritional benefits to help keep your energetic friend in good shape for every adventure in the most natural way.

If you’d like to know more about each of our products’ specific benefits, take a look here.

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Carefully Selected Ingredients

All PURINA BETA products are made using carefully selected ingredients. Our nutritionists make sure that each of our recipes delivers the right balance of nutrients. They also tailor the recipe so that each age, lifestyle and breed group is catered for.
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Oral health

The health of your dog’s teeth is very important. PURINA BETA crunchy kibbles have been created to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. These are usually dual-sized kibbles. The two different kibble sizes encourage more chewing, helping your dog to eat more slowly. The combination of dry kibbles with prolonged chewing contributes to good oral health because the kibbles gently rub the teeth’s surfaces, helping to clean them and keep the gums healthy.
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Digestive health

A fit and active dog needs a healthy digestive tract. This is because it helps him absorb all the nutrients he needs to help support a healthy immune system, and maintain his energy levels. 
To help your dog digest food and absorb nutrients, all PURINA BETA products contain a balance of fibres and are formulated with a natural source of prebiotics. These are either beet pulp (for excellent stool quality and healthy intestinal transit) or chicory (which promotes healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut). 

With a healthy digestion, your dog is ready for anything when he’s out in the great outdoors.
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Delicious flavours

Good nutrition means nothing if your dog won’t eat what’s in his dish. So our nutritionists work hard to create meals your pet will find delicious. The ingredients for each product are carefully selected to tailor the food for your dog’s age, lifestyle and breed. All PURINA BETA recipes include meat ingredients which are so full of flavour, he’ll enjoy every tasty mouthful.
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Tailored nutrition for every life stage and energy level

A curious and adventurous dog needs a lot of energy to explore his world. The best way to provide that is to feed him a diet that contains the right proportion of proteins (to help keep his muscles toned) and fats (for energy). 

All PURINA BETA products are nutritionally tailored for your dog’s age, lifestyle and breed to help keep him healthy and full of vitality, ready to enjoy the great outdoors.
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