How to care for your dog with Purina health and advice

Looking after your dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Here is some helpful information on how to care for your dog and deal with behaviour, exercise and breeding.

Dealing with barking
All dogs bark – it’s natural. But what can you do if your dog won’t stop barking? Whatever makes your dog bark, it’s very rewarding for him because when he does it, you go to him. 

You should not approach when he’s barking. Instead, prevent your dog barking by turning your back on him and when he stops, turn around and approach him. If he begins barking again, use the command ‘Quiet” and reward as soon as he stops.

When visitors knock on your door, keep your dog on a trailing lead, with a head collar (if he’s used to wearing one) so that you can get control easily. Allow your dog to bark once or twice but when you get to the door tell him to be quiet. If he continues to bark, hold a tasty treat or favourite toy under his nose: he won’t be able to bark and sniff at the same time. When he’s quiet, take the treat away, say "quiet" again and reward him with the treat and praise.
Stopping your dog jumping up
Dogs like to greet people face to face, which is why your dog may jump up at people. 

There are many ways to stop dogs from jumping up, so when you come home, or when friends visit, if your dog jumps up and makes a fuss, ignore him for a while and then make him sit and stay. When he does, give him a reward (treat or praise). If he jumps up again, ignore him again and wait for him to sit, then praise him for being good.

If your dog receives any attention whilst jumping up then he’ll continue to do it. Attention can be in the form of petting, pushing away or even mild reprimands (as this is still attention). To rectify this behaviour you need to make sure that no one (including yourself), looks, speaks, touches or has interaction with your dog if he jumps up. But do reward him as soon as he starts to behave.
A healthy respect for adventure
Dogs are natural explorers and love to be out and about. Dogs and exercise go hand in hand, however it can be difficult finding the time to exercise your dog every day.

Exercise for dogs is extremely important for their overall wellbeing and is a crucial part to their care alongside the right nutrition. Nothing beats a good walk with your best friend, but that's not your only option for providing him with a workout good enough to help him live a longer, healthier life.

Join the PURINA® BETA® Health Club to see if your dog is more or less active than recommended, and we’ll provide tips on how to help him get into shape for even the toughest adventures. You can also pick up a Dog Pedometer at any of our nationwide events. Simply clip it to your dog’s collar before you set off on a walk and track the results through our Pedometer website.
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