Why choose PURINA® BETA® Breed Specific Dog Food?

Whether a diminutive Terrier or a more robust Retriever, all dogs are born with a natural sense of adventure. But different breeds can have very different nutritional needs. That’s why we’ve developed a range of formulas tailored to specific breed groups, so that every dog receives all the nutrients they need to fuel their adventures, big and small.

Retrievers love a run around in the open, and are known for their friendly, sociable nature. However, they’re also known for their hearty appetites, which means they can be prone to weight gain. That’s why the PURINA BETA RETRIEVERS formula contains a balanced mix of all the nutrients your dog needs to help maintain a healthy weight, burn calories, and help support joint health.
Playful, intelligent and energetic, it doesn’t take much to spark a Spaniel’s sense of adventure. Whether a grand day out or a quick walk to the shops, Spaniels give each mission 110%. So they need a food that helps keep them brimming with energy - like PURINA BETA SPANIELS. It’s been specially formulated to help keep your dog’s muscles in shape for his athletic lifestyle, while helping to maintain a beautiful, silky coat.
Shepherds and Setters are known for their intelligence, and love to explore and play. To help support them in body and mind, PURINA BETA SHEPHERDS & SETTERS contains essential nutrients to help support their brain function, along with highly digestible ingredients, like egg, to cater to their more sensitive digestion.
Digging, exploring, sniffing out new scents, Terriers are energetic, inquisitive dogs with a fine sense of adventure. And because they’re so active, they need just the right mix of nutrients to help maintain a steady energy supply. PURINA BETA TERRIERS is specially formulated to help keep them on their toes, while helping maintain strong bones, a healthy heart and skin.
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