Why Choose Lifestyle Dog Food?

Sometimes, it’s not easy feeding a dog according to their breed or life stage. Certain dogs have specific requirements – for example, working dogs may need more energy, while those that are less active may need a helping hand to manage their weight. And at PURINA® BETA® , we aim to cater for them all.

Working and sporting dogs burn a lot of energy. So they need food that’s packed with nutrients to sustain them even on the toughest of adventures. That’s why our Adult Active formula contains high levels of protein and fat to help keep their energy levels high, while maintaining an optimal body condition.
From time to time, some dogs may need a little extra help to help maintain a healthy body weight. This is where our Adult Light formula comes in. It contains reduced levels of fat to help support – and maintain – a lean body condition, while delivering all of the vital nutrients dogs need to help stay happy, healthy and active.
As dogs get older, they can start to take a more relaxed approach to exercise. So they need a food with adapted nutrient levels that keeps them in great shape, whatever their activity level. This is why we developed our PURINA BETA Adult Pet Maintenance formula.
Even the hardiest explorer can need a food that’s easy on their tummy. That’s why our Adult Sensitive recipe is specially formulated with a natural prebiotic to help improve sensitive digestion, along with fatty acids for a healthy skin. And the high quality protein from salmon is a perfect match for even the fussiest of dogs!
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