Why Choose Right Age, Right Food?

From youthful puppy days to the more relaxed days of maturity, dogs need a diet that provides the right nutrition for their age. That’s why PURINA® BETA® has a product range that’s been carefully tailored to suit every stage of your dog’s life.

Puppies are full of energy, racing around chasing toys and having fun. So it’s important that they have a diet that replenishes energy quickly. And because their bones, muscles, teeth, eyes and brain are also constantly developing, they need a well balanced mix of all the nutrients their body needs to support these. PURINA® BETA® for puppies has been specially formulated to meet the growing needs of healthy young dogs.
After those energetic months as a puppy, you might find your dog settles down a bit – but even as an adult, he’ll still be full of energy and ready for an adventure. To help him stay in peak condition he needs a nutritious and balanced diet including protein, fats, minerals and vitamins. These will help keep his muscles and bones strong while also looking after his coat and teeth. PURINA® BETA® for adults has been specially formulated with the right mix of nutrients to help keep your dog active and prepared for anything.
As your dog becomes more mature, he’ll probably enjoy a slightly slower pace of life. But that’s not to say his sense of adventure has disappeared. He’ll still need a nutritious diet with all the necessary nutrients to help keep his energy levels up, to help support his muscles and maintain a healthy heart. PURINA® BETA® for mature dogs has been specially formulated with all the protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to help sustain his vitality.
In his later years your dog may spend more time relaxing than running around. Even so, it doesn’t take much to spark his spirit of adventure. To help your dog stay active and ready for anything, PURINA® BETA® for senior dogs contains all the nutrients he needs. It’s a complete and balanced mix of protein, fats, vitamins and essential minerals.
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