Entertaining a bored puppy

Entertaining a bored puppy

Just like kids stuck in the house on a rainy day, your puppy can get bored if left alone too long. He craves exercise and mental stimulation. If you and your family aren’t giving him enough, he will find a way to entertain himself – most likely by doing something you wish he wouldn’t!

If your puppy gets bored, you’re likely to find him:

  • Digging
  • Chewing excessively
  • Barking (or doing other things to get your attention)
  • Licking or chewing himself (this could also be a sign of fleas)

Here are some ideas for nipping puppy boredom in the bud and helping them stay out of trouble.


To keep your canine friend entertained, choose puppy toys for boredom. Give your puppy a variety of toys, and rotate them every few days to keep his interest. Try food-dispensing toys that use kibble to keep him entertained.

Fun and games

Puppies love to play. Games like fetch, flyball or other agility sports will tire your puppy out. See our article on games to play for some ideas. Playing these games in the park (or somewhere else he can run) will burn off excess energy so he’ll mellow out for the rest of the day

Get tricky

Make a list of tricks that you want to teach your bored puppy, and have your family work with him on a daily basis to master each trick one at a time. For example, you can train him to shake your hand, jump over you if you are on your hands and knees, find an object, and play dead.

Before and after

Take your puppy out for a walk to get him nice and tired. When you return home, spend some quality time with him as a reward for good behaviour.


We all get a little lonely sometimes, your puppy included. Your puppy is less likely to be bored if he has a playmate, so if your family is ready for another dog, consider choosing him a friend! Click here for more advice on how to introduce a new dog to your existing one.


Taking a walk every day (or a few times a day) will give your puppy the physical and mental stimulation he needs. It’s also a great chance for you to get out and about yourself!

With a variety of activities like the ones above, plenty of exercise and lots of things to keep him stimulated, your puppy need never be bored again!