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Why is a nutritionally balanced dog food important?

A nutritionally balanced dog food is key to your dog’s development through life. Every owner needs to provide these essential nutrients in their dog’s diet. This is because without the appropriate nutrients, your dog’s health and wellbeing will suffer. A lack of certain nutrients can lead to disease or health problems that are otherwise avoidable.

Do you know who is formulating your pet food?

Our in-house pet nutritionists play a crucial role in the creation of Beyond® dog food. From choosing ingredients to overseeing every step of the formulation process, they optimize the way ingredients and essential nutrients come together to support your pet’s long-term health and well-being. No one is more qualified than a pet nutritionist to formulate and monitor the food you give your pet each day.

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5 Steps to
Evaluating Beyond® Ingredients

Step one carrot
We choose selected natural ingredients in which the nutrient content meets our high quality standards
Step two scales
We also collect samples of ingredients from suppliers and evaluate with our team of pet nutritionists
Step three food bowl
We consider the ingredient as one part of a total formula for optimal pet nutrition
Step four chart
Work with the product specialist to test the ingredient throughout the cooking process
Step five calculator
Oversee palatability (taste) and digestibility testing
As a nutritionist at Purina®, my role is to ensure that the main meal products we put on the market are 100% complete and balanced and that they promote good health to cats and dogs throughout their life.

I have studied animal physiology and biochemistry at the Paris University and completed a PhD on Nutrition physiopathology. In the development of Beyond®, I carefully selected ingredients for their high quality. I worked on the recipe with the Product Specialist to find the correct levels of inclusion of these ingredients to design a product that provides all the nutrients dogs need and even goes further to offer a food with premium nutrition quality.
Jean-Christophe - in house nutritionist