Active Dog Food: OPTIPOWER™

OPTIPOWER is a combination of key nutrients that helps support your dog’s active life. That’s why we designed PRO PLAN® DOG with OPTIPOWER, specially formulated with nutrients for your active dog.

Highly energetic dogs may benefit from a food that can sustain their stamina during endurance exercise. By giving your dog a food with the nutrition he needs, you can help keep him healthy – meaning you can concentrate on enjoying your time with him.

Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists, PRO PLAN® DOG with OPTIPOWER is an active dog food formulated for adult dogs with particularly high levels of physical activity. OPTIPOWER helps keep them healthy; our blend of nutrients may help support your dog’s endurance, joint health and muscle recovery. The nutrients your dog needs to help support his health are combined in this dry dog food.

PURINA PRO PLAN DOG WITH OPTIPOWER is also a suitable for active pets and can be fed as a working dog food, for dogs that are out and about a lot.