Our senior dry dog food:

  • Helps support healthy ageing thanks to nutrition adapted to senior dogs
  • Is specially formulated for dental care
  • Contains a combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your dog’s active lifestyle
  • Is proven to enhance brain function for more active years through our exclusive blend of nutrients
  • Contains high quality pieces of chicken

Daily feeding amounts g/day

< 1h activity
1 to 3h activity
10-25kg 155-285 180-330
25-35kg 285-360
35-45kg 360-425
45-70kg 425-575

Clean, fresh water should be available at all time

Composition: Chicken (15%), Dehydrated poultry protein, Wheat, Rice (12%), Maize, Maize gluten meal, Vegetable oil fractions, Dried beet pulp, Soya meal, Wheat gluten meal, Minerals, Animal fat, Fish oil, Digest, Yeast.

KEY NUTRIENTS* Unit Small & Mini Adult
Moisture % 8.00
Protein % 29.00
Fat Content % 15.00
Carbohydrate % 38.50
Crude Fibres % 2.00
Crude Ash % 7.50
Calcium % 1.37
Phosphorus % 0.93
Sodium % 0.51
Chloride % 0.98
Potassium % 0.72
Magnesium % 0.11
Iron mg/kg 178.90
Zinc mg/kg 193.00
Copper mg/kg 17.80
Manganese mg/kg 51.60
Iodine mg/kg 2.47
Selenium mg/kg 0.38
Vit A IU/kg 27452.68
Vit D3 IU/kg 1211.22
Vit E IU/kg 561.31
Vit K mg/kg 0.20
Vit C mg/kg 82.00
Vit B1 mg/kg 35.59
Vit B2 mg/kg 17.05
Vit B3 mg/kg 201.47
Vit B5 mg/kg 57.27
Vit B6 mg/kg 19.91
Vit B8 mg/kg 0.25
Vit B9 mg/kg 5.80
Vit B12 mg/kg 0.32
Choline mg/kg 2104.43
Taurine mg/kg 812.08
Omega- 6 % 1.90
Linoleic % 1.60
Omega- 3 % 0.30
DHA % 0.06
EPA + DHA % 0.20
Metabolisable energy (calculated) Kcal/kg 3637.50

These values reflect average levels of nutrients in the product at around 9 months after production. They represent the levels added to the formula and those naturally occurring in components of the diet.

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