Puppy Food: OPTISTART™

Give your puppy the optimal start in life with a complete and balanced puppy food that’s designed to meet his needs.

The first year of your puppy’s life (or two years if you have a large breed puppy) is important to their long-term health, so it’s important they get everything they need in their diet. During this time your puppy needs specific nutrition to help build strong teeth, muscles and bones; in fact, he’s so busy growing up he needs to consume more calories per kilo than an adult dog.

As well as this, because your puppy’s natural defences haven’t fully matured yet, they can’t always protect him as effectively as they would when he is an adult. This period in your puppy’s life is known as the ‘immunity gap’, during which he may be more vulnerable to infections and digestive upsets.

To help puppies get a good start in life, PURINA® vets and nutritionists have developed PRO PLAN® DOG PUPPY with OPTISTART, a complete dry puppy food for your pet.