Dogs reach their ‘senior’ years when they are around seven (or earlier for large breed dogs). When your dog reaches full maturity, their mental functions slow down. Even though they might be as loving and caring as ever, they might want to take things a bit easier and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Like us, you want your dog to enjoy his senior years as much as his younger ones – and that involves helping him get the nutrition he requires.

By feeding him a complete dry senior dog food, it is possible for you to help extend his quality of life and overall health. Our dog food range for older dogs contains OPTIAGE, a blend of nutrients designed to help promote his health.

Developed by our vets and nutritionists, PRO PLAN DOG with OPTIAGE is a specially formulated dog food for senior dogs, keeping your dog’s mind active and alert for longer and helping you to enjoy your time together to the fullest.