For dogs with sensitive digestion: OPTIDIGEST™

Help improve your dog’s digestive health with OPTIDIGEST, a dog food for sensitive digestion that will help him thrive.

Some breeds, and some individual dogs, have digestive systems that are sensitive without there being a specific cause. A properly functioning digestive system is essential for your dog to get the nutrients he needs from the food he eats. These nutrients will help him grow, thrive, and become as healthy as he deserves. The discomfort caused by a dog’s sensitive digestion, whether it’s diarrhoea or flatulence brought on by diet change or microflora imbalance, can be improved with specific nutrients.

Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists, PURINA® PRO PLAN® with OPTIDIGEST is a dog food for dogs with sensitive digestion that helps support the digestive health of both puppies and adult dogs prone to digestive discomfort. It can help improve the balance of intestinal microflora and improve faecal consistency, and it’s easy to digest too.

Help give him the healthy digestive system he deserves with a specially formulated dog food, and you could see a difference to his health.


Complete pet food for medium size puppies with sensitive skin. Also suitable for gestating / lactating bitch.


Complete pet food for large size adult dogs with a robust physique and sensitive skin

Complete pet food for large size adult dogs with an athletic physique and sensitive skin

Adult more that 7 years

Complete pet food for medium and large adult dogs 7 + with sensitive skin