Puppy Care

Welcoming your Puppy

The moment has finally arrived. You’re bringing a puppy home to start his new life. You want his time to be amazing from the very start, and we’re here to help with our puppy care knowledge.

Introducing your Puppy to the World

When you bring your puppy home, show them their basket, toys, food and water bowls. This helps your puppy get to know their area in the home.

Puppy Biting and Chewing

Chewing in puppies is frequently due to teething, boredom or stress. You should discourage your dog from doing it for health and happiness reasons.

Puppy Health

You and your puppy need to make regular visits to the vet for your dog’s worming and vaccinations.

Making a difference to your Puppy's world

At PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG we are committed to helping you and your dog enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life together.

Understanding Body Language

Your dog will have his own character and special way of communicating with you. Everything from his nose to his tail can help express his emotions, his moods, and his wants.

Training your Puppy

There are many reasons to train your puppy and obedience is only one of them.