Introducing your Puppy to the World

When you bring your puppy home, show them their basket, toys, food and water bowls. This helps your puppy get to know their area in the home.


Introducing your puppy to other family members or visitors is vital for socialisation. It lessens fear of strangers, helping make for a friendlier adult dog. Introduce your puppy initially with a collar and lead so you can keep him from jumping. Give your dog the “sit” command and help them stay sitting. This will help your dog stay calm. Learning commands, and other puppy training, can help with your interactions with other people hugely.

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Be careful when introducing your new puppy to other pets. When introducing an older dog to your puppy, it is advisable to have both on their leads. Do not leave them alone together initially. If you are introducing your puppy to a cat, consider a wire or mesh gate in a doorway so the cat is able to escape.

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