Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting moment for both of you. When you bring your puppy home, there’s lots for him to see and learn. From exploring his new surroundings to meeting the rest of the family and other pets, he now had a whole new world to explore.

The first thing to do when they come home is to show them their basket, toys, food and water bowls. This helps your puppy get to know their area in the home. When they are comfortable with their new home, you can start socialising your puppy.


Socialising your puppy means helping him develop social skills, such as being unafraid of new people, pets and surroundings, and being friendly and calm. It’s a good idea to help socialise him in a calm, safe environment that he feels comfortable with before taking him anywhere too busy or unfamiliar.

Introducing your puppy to other family members or visitors is vital for socialisation. It lessens fear of strangers, helping make for a friendlier adult dog. Initially, introduce your puppy to people when he is wearing a collar and lead so you can keep him from jumping. Give your dog the “sit” command and help them stay sitting. This will help your dog stay calm. Learning commands, and other puppy training, can help with your interactions with other people hugely.

When you have spent a while socialising your puppy inside the home, take him for walks in lots of different places, like shopping centres, dog-friendly cafes, and different parks. He’ll get used to walking over different surfaces, being in new and interesting places, and learn that the unfamiliar is nothing to worry about.

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Puppy socialisation also involves getting them used to other animals, but be careful when introducing your new puppy to other pets. When introducing an older dog to your puppy, it is advisable to have both on their leads. This can help prevent them from jumping up, and means you have more control if either of them show unexpected behaviour. Do not leave them alone together initially.

If you are introducing your puppy to a cat, consider a wire or mesh gate in a doorway so the cat is able to escape. This introduction may take a while, but with a little time and patience, they can soon be happy in each other’s company. If your puppy gets used to cats early on in their life, they’re less likely to get overexcited about unfamiliar cats too.

Socialising your puppy will take some time and patience, but with proper care he will be confident, well-behaved, and happy with other people and pets.

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