Puppy biting and chewing


Many puppies like to chew things as they’re growing up. It’s a way of exploring their surroundings and discovering new things. Puppies also ‘teeth’, and in these cases, it is natural and safe for your puppy to bite their favourite toys. You might assume that you should stop a puppy chewing right away, but when their chewing is directed at safe toys and isn’t excessive, it can be completely healthy.

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However, if your puppy is always chewing things, particularly if the things he chews are off-limits of dangerous, it is a good idea to help manage his behaviour. Excessive chewing can also be down to boredom or stress, so addressing these roots causes will not only help stop the chewing, but improve his wellbeing as well.

Your vet can help your find the cause of your puppy’s excessive chewing, so if you are concerned, take him for a check-up right away. In the meantime, here are some general tips to keep his chewing safe.

  • » Encourage your puppy to stay in his basket when you leave your home. If he’s in his basket, he can’t get up to so much mischief.
  • » Give your dog lots of safe chew toys that help alleviate boredom. If you can redirect his chewing to these toys, he won’t focus so much on off-limits items.
  • » When you see your puppy chewing something off-limits say ‘No’ to signal inappropriate behaviour. Redirect attention to a safe chew toy that he can chew without being told off.
  • » Praise your puppy when you see him chewing a safe and appropriate toy.
  • » Considering putting your puppy in a playpen when you’re in the home but can’t watch him all the time. Make sure he has some safe chew-toys as well. That way he’ll have room to play, but won’t be able to chew things he’s not meant to.