Tips for an amazing puppy

Taking Care of Your Puppy - From Birth to Weaning

During the early stages of its life, a puppy will live with its mother and siblings.

Your Puppy’s First Bath

When the puppy arrives home for the first time, it is beneficial to give it a bath in order to eliminate past odours and let it start its new experience fresh and clean.

Puppy Care and Treatment

In order to regularly monitor the puppy’s health, you will first need to get it used to being handled and examined.

Looking After Your Puppy’s Diet

The puppy’s diet plays a key role in keeping it healthy. Feeding it correctly with quality food can affect its wellbeing.

Your Puppy and Its Interaction with Other Animals

Once your puppy is welcomed into its new family, it will need to learn to interact with the existing environment.

Playtime with Your Puppy

Play time for puppies is a necessity. It is through this that it learns and interacts.

How best to train your Puppy

It is important to teach your puppy of the differences between “home” and “park” from an early age. You can do this through the manner in which you behave and with appropriate training.

Travelling With Your Puppy

If your puppy wants to join you on your holidays, come with you on a weekend away or even merely go to the vet, it will likely need to learn to travel in a car.

Helping Your Puppy learn its Name and Getting Used to a Leash

As soon as the puppy is welcomed into the family you should ensure that it learns its name as soon as possible.