Weaning puppies

Taking Care of Your Puppy - From Birth to Weaning

Weaning is an important part of your puppy’s development. When your puppy weans, it means they move from relying on their mother’s milk for all their nourishment to enjoying solid foods.

During the journey from birth to weaning, the mother will usually look after their needs by doing what comes naturally to her. Read on to find out more about the journey from birth to weaning, and how you can help your puppies develop good eating habits.

1st episode: Taking Care of Your Puppy - From Birth to Weaning

From birth

During the early stages of its life, a puppy will live with its mother and siblings. During this period they will not need to eat solid food, but will exist on their mother’s milk. It is now that your puppy will begin to develop their senses, which in turn will help them seek nourishment. Initially your puppy will develop a sense of smell that will help them find their way to their mother’s breasts, which they instinctively recognize as a source of nourishment.

During this early period, the mother cares for her puppies by keeping them warm with her body and by licking them. She does the latter not only to clean them, but also to help establish their basic physiological functions. Puppies need food and heat, so when the mother temporarily moves away from them, they group together to make up for the loss of heat that her fur provides.

Human contact is also important during this early period as, in being handled and petted, the puppies will get used to there being a human presence.

Soon your puppies will be ready to begin weaning, which means moving on to solid foods for the first time.


When to wean puppies

The recommended time for weaning puppies off of soft food is around 40 days after birth.

How to wean puppies

You should prepare their dinner by softening dry food with warm water according to the recommended doses.

The puppies may initially be a little apprehensive, but after watching their mother, who leads by example, they will soon get used to the new flavours.

Puppies can then gradually move away from eating moist food to eventually only being fed dry food. Once the puppies are a month old, it is important to leave water at their disposal at all times

During the early stages of weaning puppies off of wet food, you will notice significant changes in them, which can happen from day to day. They grow up fast, and in no time at all they will begin to interact and play amongst themselves, improving their posture and movement.