How to walk a puppy and how to teach a puppy its name

Helping Your Puppy learn its Name and Getting Used to a Leash

Before you start exploring the world together, it’s important that your puppy recognises its name and can comfortably walk on a lead. Follow our simple training tips and prepare your puppy for lots of adventures.

How to teach a puppy its name

As soon as your puppy is welcomed into the family you should ensure that they learn their name as soon as possible. This will help your puppy establish when you are calling to them and will consequently help you handle them when you are around others. This is vital in day-to-day life, particularly if you live in the city.

We recommend you carry out this training in the park, allowing your puppy to run around you freely while you keep a close eye on them. A soon as your puppy looks at you, kneel down and call them using only their name, without enticing your puppy using any particular tone of voice or command.

When your puppy walks up to you, continue repeating their name while simultaneously giving them a treat.

Helping Your Puppy learn its Name and Getting Used to a Leash

Walking puppies on a lead

The lead, and the manner in which this is used, plays a crucial role in maintaining a happy relationship with your puppy. The lead is, after all, what connects you and your puppy when out walking. Your puppy should also understand that going for a walk is not only fun, but also safe, and a crucial part of this is getting them used to the role of the lead.

You could tackle this task by initially asking your puppy to sit, so as to have more control over them. Once they have done this, put its dog collar and lead on.


At this point stand up and stay still. If your puppy starts wriggling around or walking, don’t interact with them and act indifferently until they are calm again. At a certain point your puppy will probably sit down, and in this case they should be immediately rewarded. Repeat the exercise until your puppy learns that if they behave, they will get a reward.

Only at this point should you start walking your puppy. The lead will become the natural connection between you and your puppy, allowing you to safely enjoy walks together.