Feeding puppies

Your puppy’s diet plays a key role in keeping them healthy. Feeding them correctly with quality food that provides them with complete and balanced nutrition can affect their wellbeing, helping them to lead a healthy and happy life.

What to feed puppies

When choosing your puppy’s food, you should initially check the ingredients, ensuring that proteins are present and that grains, such as rice, are of good quality. You should also check the energy provided by the food and the amount of minerals present in it. Most commercially available puppy and dog foods contain all the nutrients your canine friend needs for a complete and balanced diet.

When preparing food, always ensure you follow the recommended feeding guide on the package (unless otherwise recommended by your vet), as amounts can vary from breed to breed and also change with age.

Looking After Your Puppy’s Diet

Remember that the recommended daily allowance should be divided into three meals.

When it comes to what to feed a puppy, feeding them dry food is advised. This will let them get used to chewing before swallowing. Additionally, your puppy should always have access to a water bowl, so they can drink from it throughout the day.


Extra tips for feeding puppies

Feeding time should also be seen as an opportunity to train your puppy.

It’s good to teach your dog to wait while you are preparing its food. Competition and rivalry may occur between puppies as to who gets to eat first, somewhat establishing who the ‘alpha male’ is in the process. If you teach them to wait, some of this competition may be eliminated.

It is important to not give in to your puppy’s cries. Sometimes your puppy may not be hungry and furthermore, if distracted by play time, they may walk away from the bowl. At this point you should remove the bowl and only present it again at their next meal time.

Your puppy should not be given other food. This means no little tasters at the table, even if they look at you with their cute, puppy eyes. Your food is not really suitable for it.

If you want to support your puppy in replacing their milk teeth, provide them with a chewing bone. This will also give them something to pass the time with.

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