Socialising puppies with other animals

Once your puppy is welcomed into its new family, they will need to learn to interact with the existing environment. Being comfortable with their environment is an important part of growing up and becoming a happy and healthy adult dog. Socialising puppies with other animals in their environment is an important part of their learning curve.

Your puppy’s first task will be to discover their new world with the help of their owner, getting acquainted with the house, the garden and the new family members. When they are familiar with their new home and all the people living there, it’s time for them to meet any other furry occupants.

Any animals already living in the house will become a curiosity, but with a bit of care, they can soon get used to each other.

Your Puppy and Its Interaction with Other Animals

Socialising puppies with cats

Regarding the puppy’s encounter with house cats, they will both be as curious as each other and the cat may well happily greet the newcomer. To help things go smoothly, introduce them to each other slowly, making sure they both feel safe and secure, showing them both that they have nothing to be afraid of. After a few encounters they will start getting used to each other, at which point they will not need supervision together.

Socialising puppies with other animals

Your puppy may have a different relationship with other animals, approaching some with curiosity, fear, or excitement. Some species tends to get on well easily, while others may require a little more work.

Rabbits, for example, should be approached with caution. A puppy will be probably be intrigued as it approaches a rabbit cage, but the rabbit might not feel quite the same!

The nature of their future relationship could be established from the word ‘go’. If the initial ‘meet and greet’ goes well, a healthy relationship is likely to form between the puppy and rabbit (or other furry occupants of the home). If the first meeting is frightening or stressful, this can negatively affect future encounters. That’s why it is important to introduce different species slowly, and with supervision, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.