Puppy commands and games for puppies

How best to train your Puppy

It is important to teach your puppy of the differences between “home” and “park” from an early age. You can do this through the manner in which you behave and with appropriate training.

The park is a great place to play games like ‘fetch’, as there is plenty of room for your puppy to run around – and no chance of breaking anything.

The home, on the other hand, is not the ideal environment for physical and energetic games, but if your puppy is stuck indoors due to the weather, you’ll need to come up with something to distract and entertain them. This is a good opportunity to start training your puppy.

We’ve provided some great things to do both inside and outside the home, from teaching your puppy useful commands when it’s raining outside to playing games in the park.

How best to train your Puppy

Inside: puppy commands

There are lots of commands you can teach your puppy that will be helpful inside the home. At meal time, for example, you could teach your puppy to carry out a simple task. Look at your puppy while holding their food bowl, then ask them to “sit”. Once they have done this, give them the bowl.

You could even make the task a little more challenging by placing the bowl in front of your puppy and then, while holding your puppy, ask them to “wait”. Your puppy will want their food, but will have to wait for your command.

Now wait a few moments as your puppy focuses their attention on the task. Release your puppy as you say “go”, and allow them to approach the bowl to eat. This way your puppy will understand that you are in charge.


Outside: Games for puppies

A training activity that you could try in the park on the other hand is playing ‘fetch’. Through this, your puppy will learn to retrieve the ball and bring it back.

Never take the ball from your puppy’s mouth. Instead, compliment them for bringing the ball back - maybe with a simple “good boy”. You could also let them play with a doll or rope.

It is important, however, to not trigger your puppy’s predatory instinct, by making it want to take control of the game or toy, or by making yourself their rival in the game. Be clear that you are in charge, and that you are playing a fun game.

Interaction between you and your puppy should always be respectful and joyful, just like your relationship. This way confrontation and competition can also be avoided.