Playing with puppies

Playtime with Your Puppy

Playing with puppies is a necessary part of their healthy and happy lifestyle. Through play, your puppy learns about and interacts with the world.

It is important that your puppy plays in a safe environment, under your supervision. From an early age the owner should be the puppy’s go to person and, as such, it is the owner who should initiate play time with the puppy - not the other way around.

It is very important to decide where and when to play, this should preferably be somewhere outdoors.

Where to play

It is very important to decide where and when to play. This should preferably be somewhere outdoors. Being outside will help your puppy get used to new sights and smells, and it will mean there’s plenty of space to run around, too.

Playtime with Your Puppy

Playing with puppies safely

Sometimes things can get a little over-exciting. If play does start to get a little dangerous (for example, your puppy is near cyclists) you should intervene to ensure your puppy doesn’t get hurt or scared. When it is time to leave, your puppy should stop playing and follow you. A puppy’s owner is its point of reference in this, and any other, situation.

Puppies playing with older dogs

Playtime with older dogs should be managed more carefully. This should occur under the supervision of the other dog’s owner and only with dogs that are calm and trustworthy.

In the owner’s presence, the puppy can be allowed to approach the adult dog, all the time ensuring that the adult dog isn’t getting frustrated or annoyed. Normally, in a situation where the adult dog is getting annoyed, the puppy will show signs of submission. This should calm the adult dog and thus it will not intimidate the puppy into moving away from it.


In order to avoid possible issues, you shouldn’t let your puppy approach stray or unfamiliar dogs. This will also protect them from potential health risks. Most importantly, don’t let your puppy go outside until they’ve had all of their vaccinations.

Our advice is to make play time as joyful as possible in order to help your puppy ease into socialisation.