Puppy car travel

Travelling With Your Puppy

If your puppy wants to join you on your holidays, come with you on a weekend away or even merely go to the vet, they will likely need to learn to travel in a car.

The most important things here are to prepare the car to ensure your puppy is safe during your travels together and also to make sure that once in the car, your puppy will not distract you from the road. Read our puppy travel tips to help make your journey easier.

Travelling With Your Puppy

Choosing a dog carrier

In order for everything to run smoothly in these situations, it is best to help your puppy get used to a dog carrier as soon as possible, which will become their home while travelling.

The dog carrier not only needs to fit your dog comfortably, but also needs to be the right shape and size for your car.

Dog carriers can be acquired easily and we recommend you consider ones which best suit your needs. For example a canvas one is good for keeping puppies protected from harsh sunlight, but would be less effective and secure compared to one made from plastic or metal in the unfortunate event of an accident.

By keeping the dog carrier in the house, you can help your puppy get used to it. You can do this by rewarding it with a treat each time it chooses to shelter itself inside the carrier. Travelling with puppies is easier if they feel that they are in a safe and familiar environment, so rewarding them for choosing to sit in the carrier is essential.


Getting in the car

The next step is to place the same carrier inside the car.

With the engine off, place your puppy in the carrier. Stay near the carrier for a little while to give your puppy time to get used to it. Then proceed to close the door gently and get into the car in a calm manner.

If your puppy starts barking, ignore them and proceed. This will get your puppy used to long journeys. Assuming that your puppy is in a good sized carrier, where they are safe and protected, they should soon calm down.

Remember that your indifference will help your puppy understand that there is nothing to worry about.