Health and nutrition

Caring for his Digestion from Puppy to Adult

Healthy digestion starts right from the word go. Young puppies must develop good digestive health early so they have the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. For good dog nutrition, they need three times more calories per kilo than adult dogs as well as more vitamins, protein and minerals.


Feeding Puppies

Watch your young puppy for signs of sensitivity; problems with individual ingredients could be a tell-tale sign. Be especially vigilant during his first five months when his natural defences will not yet be fully matured. We call this the “Immunity Gap” because it leaves him more vulnerable to infections and digestive upsets. Optimal nutrition can help bridge this “Gap”.

As your dog grows beyond this point, his digestive system might still intermittently bother him. Two reasons are; decreased efficiency in nutrient digestion, and microflora imbalance in the gut. A visit to your vet can tell you more.