Q1: Have the recipes changed in 2017 and why?

A: Yes, we have listened to feedback from pet owners and as part of our commitment to continuously improve our products and exceed expectations we have reformulated our f recipes across the range and are switching to these recipes in 2017.

Q2: What has changed in a nutshell?

A: We have reformulati the recipes to deliver an even higher nutritional performance.

  • We increased the content of high quality pieces of chicken, salmon or lamb, so that this has become the first ingredient across the entire PRO PLAN range.
  • We have increased the level of protein and fat for the majority of PRO PLAN dog food recipes. We now guarantee a minimum of 26% protein in PRO PLAN dog food recipes, and the slightly increased fat levels will make the food even more tasty than it was before.

Q3. Were the formulas tested before launch?

A: Yes, we have conducted thorough tests to assess the palatability, digestibility and stool quality of the reformulated products with excellent results and are currently collaborating with vets in practices and breeders for additional validation.

Q4: Do I need to transition my pet to the reformulated diet? How do I expect my pet to react?

A: No - although the recipes have changed, the ingredients are very similar and we have achieved great results from the digestibility and faecal consistency trials with the reformulated PRO PLAN products. Therefore for most dogs it is not necessary to change over gradually.

However, if your dog has a particularly sensitive tummy and to ensure a smooth transition and full enjoyment, we would recommend introducing over 7-10 days.

Q5: Have the feeding recommendations changed?

A: The feeding guidelines are very similar throughout the range, although for most there have been minor changes of around 5 – 10g.

Q6: Have the kibble sizes changed?

A: All kibble sizes and shape remain the same since they are already optimal for each size and life stage.

Q7: Why have we changed the name from OPTIHEALTH to OPTIBALANCE?

A: In some European countries OPTIHEALTH name was not well understood by consumers. As a result we have changed the name to OPTIBALANCE, which better represents the benefits that it delivers.

Q8: Is there a change in price?

A: This reformulation has not led to a change in price.

Q9. Have any changes been made to the packaging?

For our large bag formats, we are transitioning to a more robust seal to improve product quality and reduce bags opening during delivery. To make the seal stronger, we had to remove the easy opening feature and scissors might be needed to open the bag.

Q10: Are any of the formulations wheat free?

A: Yes, all sensitive skin diets with OPTIDERMA® and all sensitive digestion diets with OPTIDIGEST® are specially formulated without wheat.

Q11: Do any Pro Plan products contain ingredients from genetically modified (GMO) sources and what is the quality control process?

A: Since 1999, PURINA in Europe introduced a company-wide policy to produce and market all of our products on the basis of a non-GMO policy; we do not purchase GMO raw materials. Contracts have been agreed with our suppliers in this respect. In addition, our suppliers have controlled traceability of raw materials in place. We also carry out our own separate control measures of the raw materials.

In Europe PURINA only purchase non-GMO soya ingredients according to very strict purchase and quality control procedures - in fact every single batch of soya ingredients are confirmed as non GMO before it is allowed to enter the PURINA pet food factories.

Q12: What is maize grits?

A: Freshly ground maize, partly de-hulled and de-germed.

Q13: What is the ‘animal fat’ used in PRO PLAN products?

A: It is pork fat however we do not claim that Pro Plan products can be considered as Halal nor Kosher.


A: OPTINUTRITION®: the extra nutrition with targeted benefits.

We believe nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing – and the starting point for an amazing life. That’s why we guarantee that every PURINA® PRO PLAN® diet contains 100% of all the essential nutrients in every serving.

We select high quality ingredients (such as chicken, lamb and salmon pieces) so the nutrients are better absorbed and more of them can be used by key parts of the body helping to make more of a difference to all-round health.

However, at PURINA® PRO PLAN® we also go beyond just high quality ingredients, providing even more because our products also contain a combination of extra nutrients such as “OPTISTART®, OPTIBALANCETM and OPTIAGE®. Each of them apply selected scientific knowledge and are proven to provide targeted benefits.

We call this OPTINUTRITION®.