Our Beliefs

Six beliefs that make Purina® Pro Plan® different

1. We believe that you play the key role

We believe that the most important contributor to a dog’s wellbeing is a caring and committed owner. So the best way we can help your dog is by sharing both our nutritional and dog expertise with you, the owner.

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2. We believe in pushing boundaries

We never stop exploring new and pioneering ways to help you and your dogs. For us, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. It’s why we regard the European pet food regulatory standards merely as starting points. We don’t just meet these standards, we surpass them.

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3. We believe you know your dog better than anyone

We recognise you know your dog best. That’s why we conduct extensive consumer research with owners like you. This kind of research revealed that digestive health is one of the most prominent health needs that consumers are looking for help with their dogs, which led us to develop our OPTIDIGEST.

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4. We believe in purposeful innovation

We direct all our R&D into products that provide benefits that are scientifically proven. We don’t add things to our products for the sake of it; for example, we do not use colouring additives.

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5. We believe in supporting you throughout your dog’s life

As dog owners and dog lovers ourselves, we know the lifelong sense of responsibility that comes with dog ownership. That’s why we’re committed to being there for both of you with products and support tailored for the different moments of your dog’s life.

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6. We believe in going beyond nutrition

We recognise that nutrition is just the start when it comes to making your dog’s world amazing. For example, proper training is essential if you want to be able to take your dog with you and share more of your life with him. It’s why we’re currently investing to support owners on topics beyond nutrition, such as how to care for puppies.

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