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The Winalot® Family Photo Competition

Winalot's Family Moments is a competition which asked owners throughout the UK to share a picture of themselves with their dog and to describe why their pet made it such a special and memorable family moment. The winner's picture will be featured on Winalot packs from next year.

After sifting through hundreds of wonderful entries it was a tough choice, but we have whittled it down to the final 25! Each family and their proud dog have taken part in a photo-shoot with renowned wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, who has captured the stunning images below to showcase the special bond between each family and their dog. The 25 photos were showcased in an exhibition in the Getty Gallery in London, and Blade - the dog - and his family were announced the winner.

Click here to view photos of the winners' event.


Blade never fails to make us laugh at his quirky ways, and on an overnight stay at Lulworth Cove in July it was no different.  Every time we tried to take a photo of the three of us as a keepsake of our stay, he was looking at the camera and then at the vital moment would look away, deciding to show his affections to his Master! We gave up trying to get a photo with us all looking in the end as we could not do it for laughing after the 100th time!  He loves his holidays as much as we do and he loves the beach! He always looks like he is laughing when he is on his walk to the beach front. (The Byott Family with Blade)
The 25 Finalists