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For Cats


Maize, maize gluten meal, dehydrated poultry protein, digest, animal fat, dehydrated salmon protein, minerals, glycerol, yeast, sucrose.


Protein: 35.0%
Fat content: 13.0%
Crude ash: 8.0%
Crude fibres: 4.6%



DH Dental Health

Is dental health important?

Dental problems are one of the most common health issues in cats, affecting up to 80% of cats. Dental tartar affects around two thirds of cats and more than 70% of cats have signs of gum disease by the age of 3. There may be links between poor oral health and illnesses affecting the rest of the body. Dental hygiene is key to help improve our cats' oral health.

PURINA® PROPLAN® VETERINARY DIETS Feline DH St/Ox Dental Health is a complete veterinary diet to help reduce plaque, tartar build-up and gingivitis in adult cats. By helping improve oral health it can also reduce bad breath. It has a patented kibble design to help clean the teeth and is coated with a compound that binds calcium to help reduce tartar formation

Available in 1kg bags

PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS Feline DH St/Ox Dental Health key benefits are:

  • Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar accumulation.
  • Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis intensity.
  • Patented kibble design for deeper tooth penetration and greater cleaning effect.
  • With St/Ox to help support urinary health in cats which may be susceptible to urinary conditions.

If you have any questions about PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS or any other aspect of pet nutrition, please contact our PetCare Team on 0800 212 161 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Our dedicated team of vet nurses, pet care professionals and customer service experts will be happy to help. Alternatively you can click here to contact us online.

Please note that all indications for PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS mentioned are for the dietary support of cats with the listed conditions and do not preclude appropriate medical management. The veterinary diets should be used under veterinary supervision.

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