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Felix® Wet Cat Food

FELIX® Original Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food

Available sizes:
  • 100% Complete and Balanced
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • No Colourants
Product overview


  • 100% Complete and Balanced
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • No Colourants

It's great to be a kitten, especially at mealtimes!

Each FELIX Original Kitten recipe is an irresistible meal made with quality ingredients and tasty steam cooked chunks in a succulent jelly that your cat won’t be able to resist.

Kittens need a special diet for the first year of their life. FELIX Original Kitten is 100% complete and balanced to provide for your kitten's daily needs. Each meal has essential proteins and vitamins to help build strong muscles, bones and teeth for a healthy, happy and mischievous cat!

That’s not all! FELIX Original Kitten is available in a wide range of tasty recipes to satisfy your kitten’s love of variety every day.

FELIX - Just irresistible!

Ingredients & nutrition


Meat and animal derivatives
Fish and fish derivatives (white fish 4%)
Various sugars


66.4 Kcals / 85g

Nutrition & Analytical Constituents

Moisture: 82.0%
Protein: 9.0%
Fat content: 4.0%
Crude ash: 3.0%
Crude fibre: 0.05%

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A: 752
Vitamin D3: 115
Vitamin E: 17

Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate: (Fe: 8.7)
Calcium iodate anhydrous: (I: 0.21)
Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate: (Cu: 0.75)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate: (Mn: 1.7)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate: (Zn: 15.3)
Taurine: 473

Feeding guide

Did you know that we can offer you a more accurate feeding recommendation based on your cat's size and weight? Scroll down, click start and get personalised advice on how much to feed.

Feeding guide

Age Quantity / day (pouch)
1.5 – 3 months 3 – 4 in 2 or 3 meals (or ad libitum)
3 – 6 months 4 - 41/2 in 2 meals (or ad libitum)
6 – 12 months 41/2 in 2 meals (or ad libitum)

Felix Original Kitten is a complete meal, this means it does not need mixing with any other food. You simply pour it out of the pouch and that’s it. Just follow the feeding guide below with any irresistible flavour of your choice.

Each kitten is different, depending on their activity level and body condition, food amounts and/or time allowed to eat may need to be adjusted.
Serve at room temperature – always provide clean fresh drinking water for your kitten to drink.

Serve your kitten’s food in the same place every mealtime so they don’t get confused and don’t disturb them while they're eating.

FELIX Original Kitten is also suitable for pregnant or lactating queens as they also require energy-rich food to take care of their kittens-to-be.
During pregnancy, feed 41/2 to 5 pouch per day in at least 2 meals.
During lactation, feed 7 to 131/2 pouch per day in 4 meals or at will.
After 12 months, your kitten is now an adult and ready to enjoy the delicious range of Felix Adult recipes.

FELIX® Original Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food
FELIX® Original Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food